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Zero stock, does not need employees, rapid return on investment, excellent business opportunity. is not re- quired physical structure, thus high profitability, growing and recurring revenue, very low investment. You do not need special equipment.



We are the only sales company Direct and global market network marketing to market online franchises to optimize relationship processes with the customer via messengers and auxiliary channels. Our product WayTalk, will be in charge of making all control and management of these calls



Business model 100% sustainable model where the commissions and bonuses to microfranqueados SimplyWay is calculated daily in the form "pro-rata" according to the overall turnover of the company while respecting the established limits and percentages.

Benefits Of Being SIMPLYWAY

The microfranchising SIMPLYWAY has concept that will revolutionize the Brazilian entrepreneurship since joined:

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  • Bussines
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Work Any Time!

The SIMPLYWAY micro franchisee carry out all its business at home or anywhere you want and_suits you best, eliminating the physical point. Operating a virtual drive, using for this all the methods offered by the franchiser, which has full support and ready to meet the micro franchisee whenever this need.

The Business

The SimplyWay´s business model was prepared thoroughly, so that the franchisee, in no event will prejudice. Rather, it is based on the premise of win-win and cooperation between all parties involved. We know that many people dream of is to have a better quality of life and to achieve this they need to take advantage of real opportunities to add value to their incomes.

Why be SimplyWay?

Low investment, micro franchisee will cost the constant values in the accepted way at the time of accreditation of each mmicro franchisee, which will be duly transcribed in the formal contract that will be available in the restricted site of the company. Each micro franchisee will have access exclusively for free to your shop for maintenance services, custom website and standardized tool for microfranqueado

Awards and Recognition

The company may, at any time, recognize the micros franchisees with travel or exclusive awards, according to their performance. The remuneration will be linked to the number of sales made directly by microfranqueado and its built distribution network, through the commercialization of new microfranquias for distribution of operating results of the company franchisor in each business formalized by microfranqueado, provided that it meets the company´s expansion activities by pre-established goals.

Take advantage of this UNIQUE opportunity

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The Simply Way becomes a pioneer in the segment of software services franchises and business solutions in Brazil. revolutionary products in the digital market, with its WayTalk® self-service platform. Check out our products and services that will guarantee you extra income and opportunity to realize their dreams.

Bussines oportunity

The project Simply Way is based on entrepreneurship, coupled with the highest standards of integrity and responsibility towards its franchise network and employees, inspiring confidence and credibility in the market where it operates. The Simply Way has the major premise the promotion of equal opportunities among all Franchisees, enabling the success of each depends solely on their performance.

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A Oportunidade

Way Talk

The software has global coverage through messengers application channels used by more than 1 billion users worldwide which enables provide end consumers with quality products and services.

The Product: WayTalk

The Multilevel Marketing

What experts say

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

The Multilevel Marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low investment, to create their own assets and acquire wealth.

Max Gehringer

Max Gehringer

Try Multilevel Marketing. You will be autonomous, have the proper training and will not have bosses breathing down his foot. The results will be a direct result of their efforts.

Mauro Halfeld

Mauro Halfeld

Tips to earn more, have a second job, yes, take the time off to have more income. (...) Not to mention the huge variety of products to be sold in the network marketing.

Roberto Shinyashiki

Roberto Shinyashiki

Definitely, the problem is not MLM, but the way a person takes on the business.


The SimplyWay developed this business model that is characterized by the existence of a contract, in which the Simply Way, using the franchise system to expand their business, granting franchisees the right to use your brand / product and the possibility of these franchisees effecting the accreditation of new franchisees in their team of collaborators.

The advantage of multilevel regarding monolevel is the possibility of building a sales organization and receive a percentage of the sales by appointed retailers, as well as bonuses on the sale of goods and / or services.

The SIMPLYWAY microfranchising is a business focused on the direct sale of trade goods and or services in the information technology area. The target audience are all companies that somehow use a relationship channel service to its customers, so large and promising market.

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